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Tall dating

Frequently Asked Questions

What's all about? Well, we're simply a place where British singles who are taller than average can meet and date. But that might raise a few questions, so here we cover a few of the most common.

How tall is tall?

We stipulate that all men who join must be 6'0" or over, and all women must be 5'5" or over. When you join you make a pledge that you are at least that tall.

I'm a short or average-height woman - can I join?

You can only join if you are a woman over 5'5" tall.

I'm a short or average-height man - can I join?

Sorry, you must be 6'0" or over if you're a man to join

Why a site for tall people only?

We found that normal dating sites don't really cater for the needs of tall people. For women who love tall men, it's difficult to find a site where there are lots of tall guys around. On the other hand, for tall women it's not always easy to find a site where all the men aren't smaller than they are. That's we started - a place where we can be ourselves and meet people like us.

How do I join?

Simply visit our joining page and sign up!

Is it expensive?

No! Compared with other specialist dating sites you'll find our charges very reasonable. We frequently have special deals and discounts too, so keep checking in regularly to see what's going on?

What kind of features can I expect?

We have all the latest features, such as searching, browsing, video profiles, instant chat, kisses and winks, icebreakers, and much more!

Is there expert dating help for tall people?

Yes, take a look at our tall dating blog for real, genuine advice from very tall daters. We also like to post some stuff too, to keep dating fun!