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Why we are taller now than years ago?

by richard 30. August 2015 13:06

FACT: Over the last 150 years the average height of people in modern and industrialised nations has increased by nearly 4 inches or 10 cm.  The Dutch though even beat that for impressive statistics, they are 8 inches (20 cm) taller than 150 years ago.

So why is that, I hear you shout!  Well there have been all sorts of studies conducted to try and find out why that is the case and none of them have drawn accurate conclusions.

As we know from evolution, species evolve to their benefit.  Just look at nature to see. For example there are Gorillas in the jungle who have learnt to use sticks to eat termites.

But is there a benefit to being tall.  Well there is a case that taller people have better careers and earn more money in their lifetime, but there are also studies which have shown that tall people are more prone to heart conditions and serious medical problems.  So does the positive of being rich, outweigh the negative?

Then there are the people who say that since the industrial revolution everyone is now treated equally, we all receive the same healthcare, nutrition, lifestyle etc.  So is there an argument that the human race doesn’t need to get taller?

So geneticists (probably the people we should be listening to in order to answer this question!) are of the opinion that improved conditions and nutrition are allowing natural height increases to speed up. Over the years height has improved as people have received better health treatment and better nutrition.

The BBC article “Will humans keep getting taller”, also links back to the theory that diet and disease is the cause of us growing taller.  It also provides a real life example of South Korea V’s North Korea.  North Koreans have a much lower life expectancy than South Korea and as a result they are 3 to 8 cm’s shorter!

Is there a point at which tall becomes too tall?

Well again according to the BBC, 190cm is the height at which tall becomes too tall.  There is a link between height and wealth but this tapers off at about 190cm tall. Millionaire CEO’s for example are not usually taller than this.

Also extreme height can be a curse, having to stoop through average doorways, hunt for the right size clothes and travel on planes with your knees around your ears.  But with healthcare getting so good now, it is unlikely that these will stop the rise in the human height! 

So watch out, as we live longer and healthcare improves in many years to come 8’0’’ might turn out to be the average height of a human! (We would love to see them fit onto today’s public transport!)


Links: BBC article – will humans keep getting taller.


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