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Why choose TallSingles.co.uk?

by richard 5. July 2015 17:00

Well you should choose TallSingles.co.uk if you are tall and single.  By tall we really mean above average height.  So that’s above 5’5’’ for women and above 6’0’’ for men.

The best way to answer that question is to really tell you why we started it.  Tallsingles.co.uk was started by me, that is a normal guy who just happened to be single and above 6’7’’ (so above average male height).

Having tried the traditional dating methods, that’s trying to meet people in bars, clubs, social groups and hobby groups and not having any success.  I then tried speed dating, still without success as I found that to be way too upfront.  I then decided to try internet dating and like most people I looked at a couple of sites and eventually chose Match.com.

The problem I found on Match.com was that it didn’t have that “niche” to it.  It wasn’t just for the taller person and let’s face it our dating requirements are a little different to the shorter person.  Why do I say this?  Well it wasn’t specifically for tall people looking to meet tall people, or even tall women looking to meet taller men.  It was just a site for everyone! And tall people aren’t everyone.

So once I was more used to the idea of being on a dating site, I thought I wonder if there is one for just tall people.  Well there were a few and I have written honest comparisons on them to my site on here.  Quite simply they didn’t feel me with a whole lot of joy and they didn’t seem all that tailored to the taller person.  So I decided to start my own site, dedicated to tall single people.

When I did I thought there has to be a way to build a community of tall single people looking to meet tall single people, the name was a logical choice.  It’s a great place for tall single people to hang out.  Not only that but as we are a community of tall people we restrict our membership to tall people.

As we are “niche” and don’t offer all of the benefits of some of the bigger more mainstream sites we are slightly cheaper.  But that’s not to say we don’t have a lot of members.  At the time of writing this post we have 1.5 million members all up and down the UK, of all ages, religions and backgrounds.  But we all have one thing in common, we are all tall!

So I hope you now know why you should choose tallsingles.co.uk and why we want you to join!


Are you tall and single?  Why don’t you consider joining tallsingles.co.uk and discuss this type of experience with others?  We are free to join.  A small fee is payable if you decide to make contact with other members, this covers our costs of running the site.  With 1.5 million members all across the UK so there is bound to be someone near you.  Plus we are 43% cheaper than the UK’s best known dating site Match.com*. To become part of the Tall Single community click HERE now.

* Based on a 6 month membership, figures correct as at 22/04/2015




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