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Who should respond first after a date?

by richard 9. April 2016 07:00

So you have been on a great date, you thought the excitement before the date was big, but the excitement after a date can be even greater. If the date was good the curiosity about the other person is even bigger and that itself drives excitement about the connection. But how should you behave after the first date?  Who should make the first move? This insecurity it seems affects both men and women. Should we do things differently to the way our grandparents did? It would seem that our grandparents are perceived as doing things the right way!

#1. Women's thoughts

Many women still seem to remain passive and devote.  They do not want to come across “easy” or inadvertently seem “inviting” if they take the initiative to get in touch.  Some believe that it should always be the man who makes first contact after a date and rigidly stick to that belief.  If the man does not make the first move, then he hasn't “earned” a second date.

#2. Men's thoughts

Some men believe that it is their role to get in contact after the date.  Some may believe that if the women gets in touch first then she is “easy” and will say “yes” to anyone.  There are however a few which believe it is equal rights now and so the women can be the first to make contact.  A subset of theses believing that this actually shows they are conquering the man,

#3. Does it really matter

Does it really matter?  That is what you should ask yourself.  Does it matter who makes that first move as long as someone does?  Is it really worth sticking to those old “traditional” values if at the end of the day it means you will both possibly pass love by.  We think not.

Don't sit at your computer, biting your nails hoping that a message will come from your date.  Grab the opportunity yourself.  Write out a message that tells them how much you enjoyed the date (and yes I am talking to both men and women here) and press send, no hesitation, no worry.

Do you really want to be in a relationship where you have to worry about who makes the first move? Or if it is right to speak out of turn? etc.  The answer of course is no! So put the emphasis on being on the same level, respect being able to openly show your feelings.

The worst thing that could happen is that neither of you respond.  So you miss the opportunity and love passes you by. You don’t want that to happen, so write the message and press send.

#4. Final thought

Guys, although we are expressing equal rights here, there are some old fashioned values that you should keep since they will make your partner feel like a lady, for example:

#4.1. Always open a door for them and allow them through first.

#4.2. Walk on the road side of the pavement (so if a car goes through a puddle your the one to get wet!)

#4.3. Shower them with compliments!


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