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What's this tall.life all about?

by richard 11. November 2015 22:10

We were lucky enough to catch up with Sam, the owner of website tall.life.

Tall.Life is a website for tall people. While there is a lot of talk out there about tall people problems, there isn’t a whole lot about tall solutions, and that’s where Tall.Life comes in. The biggest focus is on improving ergonomics. For example, snow shovels are too short for us, so the site shows how to build an extra-long snow shovel for tall people. Kitchen counters are too low so there is a tutorial on how to build a raised cutting board. Cars for tall people is also another big topic, same as bikes for tall people.

The site also has a number of very useful calculators, including the height calculator, the universal object size calculator, and a better BMI calculator for tall people as we all know the current one is way off for us.

The articles have a practical but scientific approach, citing academic sources frequently. But there is also a sense of humour so that we can laugh at some of the ridiculous predicaments we tall people find our selves in.

So perhaps the best way to explain Tall.Life is that it is a resource for tall people. So come join in the discussion, either in the comments or in the tall forum! Hope to see you there!

We think the site is brilliant and would highly recommend that you go and leave your email address to get updates and of course that brilliant tall poster!

Good luck with the site Sam.


Tall Life

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