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What to wear on a date? A guide for men

by richard 16. April 2016 07:00

There are thousands of articles on the internet about this topic. But we really want to keep things simple. Now the first thing is that I can’t say always wear this or that, the reason being that everyone and every date is different. That said I can offer you a few words of wisdom that relate to every situation:

#1. What you wear is not a big deal

What you wear is not a big deal if you are both looking for a long term relationship.  It is a slightly bigger deal if you are looking for a casual, adult relationship.  What should matter if you are looking for long-term is personality over looks.

For example imagine you met someone who dressed really well, had the perfect body and was really well groomed, but there personality was awful. Most of the time they were grumpy, didn't have much to say and swore a great deal. Now imagine someone who is “ok” looking, not your ideal but also not ugly.  They however are fun to be around, hold a good conversation, are funny and polite. Which would you rather date?

#2. If fashion and clothing is important to you then do dress well

Of course if fashion and dressing in fashionable clothes is important to you, then of course you should go ahead and do that. I mean it wouldn't make sense if you went to dinner in “last” seasons fashion wearing a hoodie and trainers if you then spoke about being into fashion, wearing the “latest” fashions and spending a great deal on clothes.

#3. Wear something you are comfortable in and makes you feel confident

Make sure you wear something comfortable and makes you feel confident. We have said many times that having confidence when you date is really important. You are going to get that confidence if you dress comfortably.

There is a good chance that this means it is probably going to be an outfit you have worn before, which is fine. Whatever you do, don’t go out on your first date in a bright pink, loud jumper, if you have never worn one before.

#4. Match the level of smartness to the venue you are meeting at.

If you are heading to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London, don't wear your jogging bottoms. Likewise, if your going to a casual pub, you don't need to put on the suit and tie. So think about the location and then wear something suitable for it. Many restaurants will help by putting a “dress code” on their website.

#5. Nija Turtles T-shirt is out

If it’s really important to let you date know that you are into “80’s cartoons” then go ahead and wear that T-shirt.  If you’re not then you probably want to say away from things like this, as wearing it will make someone assume you are!

As with what we mentioned about wearing fashionable clothing.  If you’re really into it and you want them to know, then go ahead and wear it.  If you’re not. then don;t.

Also if you are into it, consider if you actually want to tone it down a little for your first date? Perhaps it would be best to introduce them to this on your 3rd or 4th date?

#6. Comfortable - doesn't mean the dirty joggers, make sure it is clean and looks nice

So yes we did say be comfortable, we didn't say be scruffy.  The dirty joggers in this example would definitely not go down well. Wear something that is clean, looks nice and definitely smells nice.

#7. Wear something that reflects you and reflects your personality

So you might be someone who’s personality comes out in what they wear.  For example, people who are out there and very confident, usually wear bold colours to show their extrovert personality.  Likewise people who are not self confident, tend to wear blacks, blues and greys.

So wear to suit your personality and you are already communicating with them (through your dress sense) even before you have spoken.  Make sure that first “glance” says all they need to know about you.  Make sure it is a great first impression!

#8. Ask friends for advice.

Ask friends (particularly those of the opposite sex) what you look good in and what they think you should wear. Take it all on board, after all its not going to do any harm. You could even put the outfit on quickly with them there and ask them to say the first three things that come into their mind when they see you. This then tells you what the first impression of you is. 


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