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The early warning signs in a relationship

by richard 21. May 2016 07:00

When you first start a relationship you get wrapped up in the emotion, in the excitement and the joy of being with someone. But this can sometimes cloud your judgement as to whether things are working or not.  Here are just a few things to look out for

#1. They do not commit on a date to meet up

#2. They do not return phone calls or emails

#3. They cancel last minute

#4. They stand you up

These first four should be very good warning indicators. If you are in a relationship that is working you are excited about meeting up, in fact in most cases you can’t wait for the next date. So if they are reluctant to go on that next date, by not arranging one or cancelling last minute it should be a clear indicator that things just aren't right. If this happens you should be cautious.

#5. They seem eager to meet up

#6. They can’t stop texting, calling, emailing you

On the other hand these two examples are almost too much. You don't want to feel like the other person is dropping everything in their life for you. In the early days it is very important that you have your own space and don’t stop everything in your life for them.

#7. They seem distant

If they seem distant when you meet up.  Like they are thinking about something else, they don’t really follow the conversation and they don’t look like they want to be there. Then be very cautious of the relationship. Now there could only be one possible reason for this, other than of course they are not that interested which is they could have some big personal issues going on at home. So try and establish if that is the case and almost be upfront about it. But at the end of the day if they can’t provide a valid reason and things don’t improve once you have spoken then its probably time to end things.

#8. They seem unwilling to show you to friends/family

When we meet someone we really like, we want to show them off. We want to say to friends and family “I have met someone really great and here she/he is”.  So not wanting to take you to see their friends or family and get together's is a worrying sign as it will make you feel excluded. So be honest and up front and say am I not good enough for you to introduce me to your friends and family.

#9. You appear to have very different views on things

It might seem like a minor thing when you first meet, but if you have some very different views on major things in life, it could cause big issues later on.  For example lets say that one of you is really keen on marriage, while the other really doesn't want to get married. What are you going to do a few years down the line?

 This is really where internet dating is such a great idea, you see in your profile you select such things as if you want children, if you are religious etc etc. Then when you run searches you can select say “I only want to meet people who don't want kids”, so in a way you know you are compatible on these big ticket items before you even start to date.  How great it that eh!


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