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Texting, the rules you should never break!

by richard 7. May 2016 07:00

So never give out your personal number until you feel very comfortable with them. Most likely you will have been on a few dates and you are starting to feel like the relationship is moving in the right direction.

Once you have given out that number you will probably start texting a lot. Now you need to remember the following rules around texts!

Drunk Texting

Avoid texting while under the influence of alcohol at all costs! Its only going to end in disaster.  Let them know beforehand that your going out and your going to have a few to drink. Then don't text again until the morning, once you have had the fry up and are over the hangover.

Txting lk ths

There is really no need for shorthand like this any more. The majority of phone contracts these days don’t even come with a text “limit” plus you can use whatsapp which is an instant messenger service that doesn't even use up your text limit. So there is no reason to shorten you texts.

The break up text

Are you really so shallow that you have to break up over a text message? Yes picking up the phone to call them to tell them is not great, but surely its better than a text message and its better to be the one calling than the one receiving.

Texting when there is no reply

If you have tried texting a couple of times and you haven’t had a reply, even when adding “let me know” or “text me” to the end, its time to step away right?  It looks like they are not interested so you shouldn't be either!

Using way too many smiley’s

A well placed smiley or an effective wink can be great to liven up a text, but over-do it and you will look like a 13 year old who has just discovered instant messaging.  Not a good look!


There is nothing smart about sending sexy pictures of yourself naked, you just don't know what the other person might do with them, especially in the event of a break up! We don’t think this is 

ever a wise more.  Neither is explicitly stating what you want to do to them.  Leave all that for when your together and your relationship advances to the bedroom.


You don’t need to know what they are up to every second of the day and neither do you need to tell them what you are up to every second of the day! So just give it at least 5 minutes before you send another text.

The last minute cop out text

We have all received a text like that. Now as the sender do you really think they are going to believe you when they read your cop out text? Chances are they aren't so why even send it? Tell the truth, be honest, they will thank you for it in the long run.

The “Oops I didn't mean to send that text” text, when it goes to the wrong person.

If you do this on a purpose its childish, silly and inconsiderate.  If you do it my mistake then thats not so bad, but take a minute to check your text and to make sure you don’t make this error.


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