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Tall people are different, we have to get used to it, a golfers tale!

by richard 27. May 2015 14:08

I was on the golf course the other day when I suddenly realised that tall people are different.  Let me tell you what happened.

So I turned up on the first tee to meet my friends as we usually did.  The first hole is a tough par 3.  Three of us (including myself) missed the green from the tee, one of my friends knocked it close, to with 8 feet.  Anyway, my friend who was furthest from the pin chipped it to within two feet and then waved his club and announced to all of us that he had purchased a new wedge at the weekend which he was now extremely pleased with!

Walking down the third hole I spoke to him about the wedge, he had seen one of the pro’s use it in a tournament and on thinking it looked nice, he had gone into a golf shop after work and bought one straight away.

It was at that point I realised I was different.  I was different because I couldn’t go straight into a golf shop and buy a club that hadn't been altered.  Due to my height (I’m 6’7’’) I have to have clubs custom fitted as “normal” clubs simply won’t work for me.  I would have to go into a golf shop and ask for a wedge that was 1.5 inches longer and 2 degrees more upright (my custom fitting requirements).  That would take about 5-6 weeks to get back from the manufacturers.  So yes it would be possible to get the club, but it wouldn’t be possible for me to get the club immediately as he did.

It’s these small things that “normal” people just don’t realise.  I’m sure it’s just the same for short people who also need alterations to golf clubs, but that’s just it we need things altered.  

I’m sure this applies to other sports and hobbies as well.  As you go through this blog you will read other examples of where tall people are simply different to shorter ones.  I’m not saying that it is something to be worried or concerned about, it is simply fact.  Like it or not tall people are different.

Tall people do you agree?  What do shorter people think of this article?


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