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Tall Flight Horror - The Long-haul journey!

by richard 29. July 2015 17:00

So you’re tall and you have to fly long-haul, what can you do to make the journal as comfortable as possible and to protect yourself from the likes of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

#1. Go to the doctors before your flight

Go to the doctors before your flight and talk about your concern about going on a long haul flight.  In my experience they will suggest the next two points on this list, but they may also prescribe warfarin to take prior to the flight.  This drug thins the blood which scientifically at least reduces the chances of DVT.

#2. Take aspirin prior to the flight.

Being 6’7’’ I take aspirin for 2 weeks prior to a long haul flight (and by long haul I mean anything over about 3 hours).  I use the recommended dose (as detailed on the box).  I also continue to take aspirin on the holiday in preparation for the flight home.

#3. Wear flight socks

Also called compression socks, studies have concluded that airline passengers who wear compression stockings during flights of four hours or more can significantly reduce their risk of DVT as well as leg swelling (oedema). The below-knee stockings apply gentle pressure to the ankle to help blood flow. They come in a variety of sizes and there are also different levels of compression. Class 1 stockings (exerting a pressure of 14-17 mmHg at the ankle) are generally sufficient.  I visit a local pharmacist prior to a long haul flight and find that they can always prescribe the correct size and compression strength.

#4. Get up and move about frequently on the flight

There are several tricks I have found that work well.  If the cabin crew are not passing with the refreshments trolley, I tend to stand in the Isle and gently bend and straighten my knees.  I also pretend to reach into the back of the overhead lockers, but actually use this to stretch my back.

I will also walk down to the front of the plane and stand by the doors there in order to break from sitting down.  After standing there for 5/10 minutes, I will then walk to the back of the plane and stand there for 5/10 minutes and then go back to my seat.  The more frequently you can do this the better,

Always ask the person in the Aisle seat if they want to swap (unless of course you are in that seat) as otherwise you will be a bit of a pain to them.  Of course for you (the tall person) it is always worth being a pain to them over putting your health at risk!

#5. Ask the cabin crew if you can briefly use their seat to do in flight exercises

I have always asked that if you ask the cabin crew if you can use their fold down seats at the front or back of the plane they are always fine with it. Sitting on these seats you can then go through the recommended plane exercises, virgin have an excellent little routine which can be found HERE.


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