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So what’s the downside of internet dating?

by richard 31. May 2015 14:28

One word sums up the downside of internet dating and that is CHOICE.  You see the internet has allowed single people to shop around for their partner.  Much like going to the shops and choosing Cadburys chocolate rather than Sainsbury’s own, you can now choose a blonde over a brunette.

You can now even say yes to a date by “swiping” your finger left or right on a phone app! In case you hadn’t guessed it that’s Tinder!

The dating scene has dramatically changed from what it was.  I have talked lots about the dating scene before the internet and basically you had less options to find your ideal partner and I believe sub consciously due to that you would settle for less “ticks” on you ideal partner score sheet.

However, internet dating has done away with that.  Tall singles for example has 1.5 million members split roughly 50:50 male and female.  So you have 700,000 singles to choose from, that’s a hell of a lot of people and so you can be selective.

Not only that but with so many people joining each week, even if there is someone you don’t like on the site today, there may be someone who joins tomorrow who you do like!

You can choose dates based on all sorts of things from height (a popular choice on tallsingles.co.uk), to interests to job title to even something as vein as eye colour!

It’s like being able to walk in a bar and firstly ask everyone who is single to stand up and everyone who is taken to sit down, then being able to walk around them all and look at their CV before choosing the one you would like to take on a date.

Is choice good, I’m not sure it is, as choice doesn’t necessarily mean “spark” and if there is something you want in a relationship it is spark!  I don’t believe choice gives you that.

That said what choice can give you is opportunity.  The opportunity to find someone SINGLE who is two inches taller than you so you can wear those killer heels.  The opportunity to find someone SINGLE who lives within 5 miles from you so it doesn’t take long to travel to theirs and meet up.  The opportunity to find someone SINGLE who enjoys the same hobby as you.  Surely it is better to have a CHOICE than no choice at all?

I will ultimately let you make your mind up.  If you are unsure why not join up to a dating site for free and judge for yourself?


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* Based on a 6 month membership, figures correct as at 22/04/2015



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