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Should you plan your first date?

by richard 7. June 2015 08:00

Well let’s establish one thing straight away and that is that of course you are going to plan the venue for your date as it may need booking and of course you have to let the other person know where you intend to meet them.

But the bigger question is how much should you plan for after that?  I think the answer to that one comes down to what sort of person you are.

Let me explain, someone who is very confident and self-assured will probably not need to plan their date as by their very nature they will not be all that nervous and conversation should flow very easily.  Contrast that to someone who is not very confident and lacks self-esteem and is worried about how they look.  They are obviously going to be shy, perhaps a little withdrawn and nervous on the first date.  Conversation may not flow naturally and sweaty palms may be an issue.

So what would planning do for them?  Well for our over confident single person not a lot.  I think that the only thing they need to be cautious about is rambling on about themselves and not giving their date any chance to talk.  They need to be aware of this from the outset and remember (not plan) to let their date speak and to listen to the conversation.

It’s a different story for our shy, retired single person.  For them a little bit of planning might get them out of an awkward silence.  Before they go on the date they should think of some good conversation starters that could just avoid the silence they so dread.  Things to think about would be “Do you enjoy travelling? Where is your favourite destination? Do you play any sports?, Where do you work? What do you do there?

Now the only problem with planning is that you may be so focused on getting those questions out that you don’t listen to the conversation.

So I don’t think planning is vital, listening is the number 1 thing, however, a couple of questions in the back pocket could be the get out of jail card you need in that awkward silence.


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