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Should I buy a Birthday present for someone I have only just met online?

by richard 13. September 2015 09:00

So you have met someone online, only been dating a short while and now they have told you their birthday is coming up.  Panic sets in as you have no idea what to get them, or what to do, so here is our helpful guide to get you through.  It is all based on how long you have been seeing one another.

#1. 0 - 1 month (woman and man)

Ok so it has only been a short while, you should be spending lots of money now.  We would suggest you want to give a token present, something that says I understand it’s your birthday and I wanted to get you a simple gift to show you that I care and that I remembered, so we would go with:

#1.1 A card

So just a card in this instance would be great.  You could go a little further and customise the card with wording that means something about your relationship already. Such as a saying you both like, or a place you would both like to visit. The card could be personalised, either using a printing service like Moonpig, or you could even make the card yourself, to show you have put some thought into it!  If you want to make it yourself try the templates on Canva.

Just one Must here, please make sure the card does not contain or have printed on it a photo of you!  That would be a complete disaster and needs to be avoided at all cost!

#1.2 A bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates (her)

An alternative to the card would be a small bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates.  All girls love flowers and chocolate so you’re on to a winner and they will love the gesture.

#1.3 Something small (him)

For him, if you didn’t want to give a card, our top tips would be a nice bottle of red wine, a bottle of spirits (perhaps he has already told you he likes rum for example) or a pair of socks (men are so used to getting those!)

#2.0 1-3 months

Slightly harder as you know them more so your gift really needs to reflect that.  Obviously all the items from #1 above will still go down well, but what else could you consider, or even avoid?

We suggest you set your budget before you plan what to get and stick to it as it can be easy to get carried away!  We think a good budget would be in the £20 to £50 range.

#2.1 What about tickets to an event?

You can both enjoy the event, it’s a great conversation point and it means you have the perfect reason to meet up again.  With all these ideas make sure you know they will enjoy the event, you don’t want to end up taking them to a football match if you know they hate football!  Obvious but you would be amazed at how often it happens.

Tickets to a play / to the theatre

Tickets to a concert

Tickets to a sporting event

#2.2 Tickets to a shared hobby?

Do you both have a shared hobby?  You might have met on a hobby loving niche site!  Why not get a hobby related gift, such as classes or an accessory for the hobby (such as paint brushes etc.)

Cookery class

Art class

Hobby accessories (cooking knives, baking accessories, paint brushes etc.)

#2.3 A small present

Technology always goes down well for men, such as an iPhone accessory, or a selfie stick!  Something for the car would also be good, or gardening items.

For women, something for the home would be good, such as cushions or photo frames.

It’s a tough category this one.  Try your hardest to work out what makes them tick and do your best to be attentive coming up to their birthday as they may well drop a few hints!

#3.0 Avoid

The list of things that we think you should really avoid is below.  It contains vouchers, which we really think you should avoid as it doesn’t show you have put much thought into your present and secondly anything that can be very personal, such as choice of clothing and jewellery.



Clothing (unless accessory items like socks, scarfs, hats etc.)

Perfume (unless you have been told exactly which type she likes)

Aftershave (unless you have been told exactly which type he likes)

Expensive items (1-3 months is not that long!)


A picture of you - far too cheesy and it’s just not going to go down well!

We hope this helps you pick the right present.  Have you got any suggestions? If so we would love to hear from you.


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