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Part I: How to be a gentlemen when it comes to dating

by richard 23. April 2016 07:00

#1. Understanding that equality doesn't mean throwing your manners and good taste out of the window.

Is the dating game is all about captivating one another, you need to impress. Just like a male peacock shows his beautiful fan of colours, as a man you need to be a gentleman in order to show of yours. We can honestly say the number of emails and messages we receive from women saying “are there any gentlemen left out there” is growing by the day!

So by even following a few of these simple rules you are going to do better than 80% of the men out there.

#2. Make reservations

Think about planning ahead. Will you be going for a meal? Then do some research online and book a restaurant. Will you be stopping off for a drink? Again do some research and find somewhere quiet with atmosphere. Your date will be expecting you (the male) to have all the ideas so plan ahead so you don't get stuck!

#3. Be on time

Its always good to be on time for a meeting and a date should not be an exception to the rule. Don’t let her wait alone, be there ahead of time.

If you are going to be late and it is due to a very good reason (it has to be a very very good reason) then phone ahead of time and let her know. She may not wait long especially if she has been stood up in the past.

#4. Walk to the door to pick her up

If you are picking her up from her house, walk to the door to pick he up, don’t sit in the car and text “I'm outside”!

#5. Compliment your date

Women love reassurance, especially when it comes to their appearance. So offer a complement on the way they look. Do not use cliches. Just keep it light and pick out a feature that you really like (don’t make that chests or bums).  You could pick up on their outfit, their shoes, their eyes, or just one overall comment such as “you look lovely this evening”.

Never insult your date and do not criticise.  If you are someone who can criticise then make a mental note to NO do this when you meet up.  Its a sure fire way to not get a second date. 

Sarcasm can also be a major problem. Sometimes a joke can be taken as sarcasm so be careful there as well.

#6. Open doors for your date

This is chivalry in its most basic form and is one of the easiest things to get right! When walking out of any door, make sure you hold the door open and let her walk out first. This will make your date feel special and respected. Going out of the door first could signal to her that you are a selfish person.

#7. Help your date to her chair before you sit down

Pull out the chair for your date and then let her sit down first. This will show her that you care about her interests before your own. It is the ultimate gesture in being a gentleman and will go down very well. It is a big tick in the manners box.

#8. When ordering she goes first

We are not sure why and it is ultra old fashioned, but when you are ordering the lady should always order first. It shows manners and it is very easy to get right.

#9. When walking together, you walk closest to the road

Now we do know the reason for this, in early times when the streets were dirty and uneven, there would often be puddles of dirty water at the edges of the road. Horse drawn carriages would then ride through this and splash the pavement. In order to avoid the women getting wet, men would walk by the roadside.

It is still good practise to adopt this today. Again its an easy one to get right and shows her that you have great manners.

#10. Ask questions about your date

Women will always be impressed if you listen (just re-read that you need to listen) to their conversations and then ask questions which acknowledge that you have listened. Its a simple procedure, you listen (see the importance of that word), take in what she has said and then follow on the conversation, you would be amazed at how many men get this wrong! It is really good to show your date that you are a good listener.

Its also good if you can keep a conversation going, so prior to the date you might want to think about 5 or 6 things that will be good conversation starters. You can take a sneak peak that these in the toilets or at the bar when getting drinks. Again make them as relevant to her as possible, to do this you might want to go back and re-read her profile to spot anything in there that shows what she is passionate about.


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