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Ouch, that needs a sign!

by richard 13. May 2015 08:00

So where have all the mind your head signs gone?  I seem to find less and less of them these days!  But surely in a world where you can get sued for the smallest of things a “Mind your head” sign is one of the most vital things that a business can put up to stop tall people raising a claim.

Perhaps with all the new refurbishments and new buildings that are replacing old run down buildings architects are becoming wise to the fact that people are getting taller and therefore those ceilings need to be higher.

That said there are still “old” buildings out there, I still remember the cheeky pub I went into in bath which had a very low doorway, above which sat a sign “Duck or Grouse”, much more amusing don’t you think than the traditional “Mind your head”.

So I’m campaigning for more “mind your head” signs, it will certainly stop me talking to the lawyers!


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