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Nail the first impression and be confident

by richard 28. October 2015 09:00

You definitely want to give a good impression on the first date. Never ever underestimate the power of the first impression.  By first impression we are referring to not only the way you dress, but also the way you come across.  It must be good.

Let’s say for example you are just about to meet someone for a date, they turn up looking like they haven’t had a wash, their clothes have seen better times and their first sentence is a little rude and dismissive… are you going to want to meet them again?  I would think not!

So make sure your appearance is good.  Have a shower, brush your teeth (never ever meet someone without doing that!), keep the hair tidy, have a shave, or if you have a beard make sure it is trimmed, put on well-fitting clothes and a dab of aftershave/perfume.

That’s a good start! Now you need to show confidence in yourself. Say to yourself all the time that confidence is sexy, because it is! So stand tall, with your shoulders back, make good eye contact and be relaxed!

Now picture the difference from that to someone who shrinks away from someone and folds in on themselves, they won’t come across sexy right! And they certainly will not look confident.

Be positive and try to create a positive vibe to the date.  Be a gentlemen and treat the lady well (we all like being treated nicely don’t we?). Be warm and friendly and show the other person that you are interested in them (we all like someone taking an interest in us don’t we?).  Enjoy yourself, smile and have fun!


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