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Must read tips for the perfect profile photo: Part III

by richard 1. July 2015 17:00

So we have learnt what makes a good and bad main profile photo.  What about those additional photos you are allowed to upload?

On most dating sites you are allowed to upload a few more photos, these will not be used as you main profile photo, but should someone take an interest in you they can browse these to decide if they want to meet up.

Since you have already followed the advice above, you will have one clear photo of you uploaded as your main profile picture.  So the rules on the additional photos are more flexible.  Here are a few things to think about.

#1. Let the background spark a conversation

If you have a nice photo with something of interest in the background (such as a famous landmark, venue, place) it can help the person contacting you to come up with their initial email.  So its a winner on two accounts, firstly it helps make you look interesting and secondly it helps someone contacting you to come up with the initial message.

#2. Upload an activity shot

Nobody really likes to be with very lazy people.  OK you dont have to show yourself as a marathon runner, but if you can show yourself taking part in one of your favorite activities it shows you are definitely not a couch potato.  Perhaps you enjoy hiking, or cycling, or white water rafting?  All of these would be great as an activity shot.

#3. With friends

Its nice to see someone socialising, so why not add just the one photo with you at a bar with some friends, or in a pub or perhaps at a special event?  Please please dont upload any of the ones where you are drunk and crashed out on the couch!

#4. Fun/silly photo (only if its your thing)

By all means upload a photo of you doing something silly, but only if it really goes with your personality.  People always think that being fun/silly is an attractive feature and to some extent it is, but its definitely not when its forced or not true.


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