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Match.com V’s TallSingles.co.uk: An honest comparison

by richard 6. May 2015 08:00

Here is an unbiased review of Match.com V Tallsingles.co.uk, we have come up with 6 topics you need to consider when choosing which of these sites to join.

#1. Market leaders

Match.com are a very well known dating site in the UK and you could say they are market leaders.  They run extensive advertising and have been in online dating for a significant time.  If you ask anyone about online dating most people will be able to name Match.com.  But are they the best? Please just read this whole post before making up your mind.

#2. Events

Match.com has recently started to run Match.com events, Tallsingles.co.uk does not currently offer this service.  The Match.com event nights are not free, there is an additional charge for these, somewhere between £5 and £20 depending on the event.  You have to be invited by Match.com to attend an event and people have the chance to take along 3 other friends who may or may not be single.

#3. Mobile Aps

Both Match.com and Tallsingles have very good mobile applications which are accessible on both iOS and android.

#4. Mainstream V’s Niche

Match.com is a mainstream online dating site, accessible to everyone across the UK of any age.  TallSingles.co.uk is a Niche dating site, which aims to help tall people find love online.  We only invite tall members to join our site, tall just means above average height.  So women have to be above 5’5’’ tall and men above 6’0’’.  We started the site because we understand the issues that tall people have when finding love.  We have created a community for tall single people.  All our members are tall and we want to embrace being tall and help tall people throughout the UK find love.

#5. Cost

Yes dating sites do say that they are free to join and essentially they are.  However, the free membership only gives you a limited amount of features.  You can search other singles profiles and identify how many singles there are in your area (we will pick this up in the next topic).  In most cases you need to pay a membership fee in order to be able to read messages from other members and mail other members, both TallSingles.co.uk and Match.com have a membership fee, so how do their prices compare?

Well Match.com prices are as follows:

6 month’s membership - £113.94 (£18.99 per month)

3 month’s membership - £92.97 (£30.99 per month)

1 month membership - £42.99

Tallsingles.co.uk prices are as follows:

6 month’s membership - £79.95 (£13.33 per month)

3 month’s membership - £49.95 (£16.66 per month)

1 month membership - £24.95

So, Tallsingles.co.uk is far cheaper, in percentage terms it is:

6 month’s membership – TallSingles.co.uk is 43% cheaper than Match.com

3 month’s membership – TallSingles.co.uk is 86% cheaper than Match.com

1 month membership – TallSingles.co.uk is 72% cheaper than Match.com

#6. Membership numbers

One of the questions you will want to ask yourself when choosing a dating site is how many members does it have? And more importantly how many members live in your area?

TallSingles has 1,514,213 members in the UK, meeting our specific tall membership criteria which is women taller than 5’5 and men over 6’0.

Well unfortunately unlike TallSingles.co.uk, many dating sites do not want to give away membership numbers and Match.com is no different.  So what is the best way for you to decide?  Well there is a couple of options.

#6.1. Join both sites for free.

As mentioned in #5 you can join both sites for free and then you can compare their member numbers by searching for members in your area.  When you do this, ensure you apply the same search criteria so that you compare the sites on a similar basis.

#6.2. Use a dating comparison site

There is a very good dating comparison site called comparedatingsitesearches.  All you do is complete a simple form and then they will email you back with the dating sites which have the most single members meeting your requirement in your immediate area.


Are you tall and single?  Why don’t you consider joining tallsingles.co.uk and discuss this type of experience with others?  We are free to join.  A small fee is payable if you decide to make contact with other members, this covers our costs of running the site.  With 1.5 million members all across the UK so there is bound to be someone near you.  Plus we are 43% cheaper than the UK’s best known dating site Match.com*.  To become part of the Tall Single community click HERE now.

* Based on a 6 month membership, figures correct as at 22/04/2015



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