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Interview with Tallboys Apparel: A clothing line for the taller man.

by richard 17. November 2015 20:23

Nick Tann - Tallboys Apparel

I was really excited to be able to give an interview to Nick the founder and owner of Tallboys Apparel.  Tallboys Apparel is a Canadian based clothing line for tall men.

So what made you start Tallboys Apparel?

I’m 6ft 3 myself and I was never happy with the clothes I would find in stores. I felt they would never quite sit on me correctly, leaving me looking (and feeling) awkward. The most common problem I came across was T-Shirt sizing. I always found myself somewhere in between a large and medium size, the large was always too baggy and the medium was never long enough, practically exposing my belly button. So I set out to create a slimmer t-shirt with a longer length to compliment my tall stature. Something I could wear confidently and feel good in.

What makes you different from other clothing brands?

Our shirts are made specifically for tall men with a slim or athletic build. Our sizes are suitable for heights of 6ft tall all the way up to 7ft 3. We also take into account other factors in the design process of our garments. For example, as our tall t-shirts are a slimmer fit, we use slightly stretchy cotton fabric to not restrict the wearer’s movement, also, most taller men have a longer neck, so our button down shirts have a higher sitting collar to compliment this. We take the time to create the very best fitting, looking and feeling product possible for tall men.

Do tall men respond well to your products?

We find most tall men go through life wearing ill-fitting clothes without ever considering the possibility of something that may fit them better. So it is a relatively new concept to most of our customers. That being said, they usually catch on very quickly and gladly never look back. Regular shirts become unappealing to wear -- we’ve had customers come back 5-6 times in the space of a single year. Just check out some of our customer reviews!

Does Tallboys Apparel deliver outside Canada?

Yes! We have a lot of customers in the U.S., Europe and Australia. All of our products are available at our website TallboysApparel.com and we happily ship all across the globe from our despatch in Vancouver, Canada. 

What’s next?

We’ve had a lot of requests for different types of clothing to produce next, so we’re currently working on a few designs of the most popularly requested styles including hoodies, sweaters and long sleeve t-shirts. Ultimately I would love to offer men a full range of tall clothing, including business suits they could confidently buy without having to use a tailor.

Wow, that’s great! So what is your mission then?

Our mission is to provide tall men with a tailored experience – right off the rack.

That was great, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. So there you have it, next time your getting ready for that special date, be sure to check out Tallboys Apparel.


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