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Interview with Pierre, author of the blog “Big and Tall News”

by richard 23. December 2015 09:00

Big and Tall News

Before leaving the office for the festive break, we were able to catch up with Pierre, author of the blog “Big and Tall News”.  He writes a fascinating blog and really wants to help the tall community.  Here is what he had to say, I hope you enjoy.

Are you tall yourself? Is that what made you start a blog about tall menswear?

I started a blog about tall menswear because I am tall myself and I have always struggled to find fashion tips for big and tall men. I also had a massive lack of confidence which I worked on to accept myself. As the society can be harsh with us, I hope to help big and tall men through this blog to reconsider themselves. Being a very loyal customer of Jonathon Charles and therefore close to them, I also want to share what I find in their shops so my readers know what the safe bets are. Fashion and menswear are for all types of men and we have to make the most of it! 

How long has the blog been running? How many readers/subscribers do you have?

It has been running for 5 months now and I've had about 880 users since then, mostly from the UK and the USA (55%/45%). They are mainly returning visitors.

What do you find is most troublesome about being tall?

Well I would definitely say menswear. It is so hard to find clothes and shoes which fit every inch! I would also say that in general, I have a pretty good view over people's heads which is a plus side!

What is the most popular item of clothing from Jonathon Charles?

It is their extra tall trousers and extra-large shirts. They told me customers usually struggle to find their fit in terms of sizes and fittings and so they mostly shop trousers in store or online.

What are your plans for the blog in the future?

I would like my blog to keep its signature and be for big and tall men only. Anyway I intend on developing the partnership side so I could, first, reach more users and then from other countries as well. I am quite satisfied with my blog right now as I wanted to make it personal and helpful.

I have to ask this final one... Have you in the past found it had to find a partner who is tall enough?

Ahaha that's a good one. Yes I looked for a tall woman! I experienced once being smaller than my partner and that was pretty embarrassing. We broke up for other reasons but I definitely wouldn't do it again as I have found my tall other half!

Kindly Pierre has also given us two offer codes:

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Thanks Pierre we loved the interview, good luck with the blog and we hope to catch up again in the new year.


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