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Interview with Jenni from Teal Apparel

by richard 7. December 2015 09:00

Interview with Jenni from Teal Apparel

We were lucky enough to be able to interview Jenni about TealApparel.com, an online tall clothing store.  Here is what Jenni had to say:

Q: Why did you decide to start a tall persons online clothing store?

A: I decided to launch a menswear business online because I wanted to solve my own problem! My husband is 6’7 with a 38” inseam and I could never find anything of quality that fit him well. When we first met he was still using a custom tailor to get all of his work suits made. The suits cost 3x retail and we had to wait weeks for them to be sewn. I also discovered that going to shopping malls to shop for a long & tall person is dreadful. There is really nothing you can buy off the rack, ready to wear. It was these collective experiences which drove me to start TEAL Apparel. After doing the research I understood that 1 out of every 6.5 men in the USA is over 6’ tall. There are millions of frustrated men and their loved ones that TEAL Apparel could help. I chose to launch an online store in order to serve everyone, regardless of whether they were in a big city or small town.

Q: How did you come up with the name “TEAL Apparel”?

A: TEAL is an abbreviation for my husband’s family name. It stands for Thornton Edward Arthur Lallier. My husband is a third and my son is a fourth. Choosing a family name bears significance because it represents the generational struggle that tall families endure when trying to find clothes. My Father In Law is 6’8 (at his peak) and my Mother In Law can tell endless stories about trying to find him clothes. My son is in the 90% percentile in height and very slim, I can see this becoming a problem when he’s in high school. Thank goodness he will have pants!

Q: What item is your best seller?

A: The All American Chinos are our best sellers in khaki, black and grey. I think the classic colors, every day wearability and price point make them a no-brainer. Our fancy pants (aka the Italian Chinos in Golden Khaki) also sell well. Customers are always blown away by the incredible feel of the cotton twill.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge to date in building the brand?

A: Being a small start up and all that comes with it. From bootstrapping the entire business, building out the line, making mistakes, figuring things out when you have no point of reference to getting the word out. Start ups are creating a vision that doesn’t exist yet, every step is challenging and exciting.

Interview with Jenni from Teal Apparel

Q: What’s next for TEAL Apparel?

A: We are excited to launch shirts. We have been perfecting the fit of the every day non iron button down and gearing up for yet another round with fit models. Meanwhile, we’ve also been scouting for incredible fabrics that will work with the price point that tall men want to pay.

Q: Of course, I have to ask, are you tall yourself and did you find it difficult to meet and date other tall people?

A: I am 5’9. I’d say this is tall-ish for female standards and very tall for Asian standards! I do understand what it’s like to be tall and the unwelcome feeling of sticking out. However I am not so tall that I am an attraction wherever I go. I know this is how my husband feels.

At my height it wasn’t too difficult to meet and date other tall people, I consider myself highly fortunate! But, I do have friends who are 6’, 5’10 and the field of tall men gets smaller the taller you are. So I completely understand the need for tall dating sites!


We loved meeting Jenni, we hope you like the interview as much as us and lastly don't forget to check out TealApparel.com.


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