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How do I know if anyone will like me on TallSingles.co.uk

by richard 21. June 2015 17:00
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Well you don’t! It’s as simple as that. But you need to give yourself every possible chance to get noticed on tallsingles.co.uk.  There is someone out there for everyone.  Here are our top tips for making sure that you get seen and arrange a date on tallsingles.co.uk

#1.  Upload good photos

Ok we are going to be truthful here, the first impression someone will see of you is either a) your photo (when searching online) or b) your photo and the subject line of your message (if you send them a message).  See the one common theme here?  It’s your photo.

We’re going to write a couple of blog posts on your profile picture, but for now just remember the following rules:

Make it recent

Make it clear

You main picture has to be of you looking straight forward.

Make sure you smile and look happy in the photo

Make sure it’s a good likeness.

No nudity

#2.  Take time to complete your profile

Again more to come on this later but you need to make sure you take time to complete your profile.  Why?  Well it’s what our computer programme uses to select you in search results, plus it tells your potential partner what your likes and interests are!

The first section is a number of multiple choice questions, the answers of which help our computer decide on how to display you in the results of a search.  For example if you select “movies” as one of your interests, then if someone runs a search and is looking for someone who enjoys “movies”, it means you may come up in those results as you are relevant to that search.  When completing this section you need to make sure you select the correct boxes so you get matched with the right person.

The second section is some free format questions where you can talk about yourself and what you are looking for in your ideal partner.  Look out for our blog post on how to complete this.  But for now, make it clear, make it interesting and make it relevant.

#3.  Log on often

Members will look at how frequent you are logging on to the site as it gives an indication as to how serious you are.  Someone logging on three times a week is much more serious about dating than someone who is logging in once a month.

#4.  Don’t be frightened to contact other members

Yes why don’t you make the make the first move (and yes I am talking to women here too!).  If you see someone you like why don’t you send them a wink to let them know you are interested (which you can do with free membership).  You can see how they respond.

All of the methods above will try and establish if someone will contact you before you pay your membership.  However you are not really going to know until you join up.  When you join up, you can message members.  And that gets you to step 5:

#5.  Message a member and get a response.

If you message someone with the right email subject, to the right person and they like your photo and profile you WILL get a response.  We will be posting on here the right way to message someone online from how to write the message subject line to the first killer paragraph.  This along with the 4 points mentioned above should get you a date!

And remember:

#6.  Thousands of members are joining every week

So no one messaged you back this week, don’t worry there are a thousand more you can message next week.  If dating is a numbers game we have it covered.  We have literally thousands of members joining every week, so if no-one messages you this week, there will be 1,000’s of different people to message next week.

So go on don’t be frightened, take the first step and sign up for free today.


Are you tall and single?  Why don’t you consider joining tallsingles.co.uk and discuss this type of experience with others?  We are free to join.  A small fee is payable if you decide to make contact with other members, this covers our costs of running the site.  With 1.5 million members all across the UK so there is bound to be someone near you.  Plus we are 43% cheaper than the UK’s best known dating site Match.com*. To become part of the Tall Single community click HERE now.

* Based on a 6 month membership, figures correct as at 22/04/2015



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