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Do typos in your dating profile spell disaster?

by richard 25. November 2015 09:00

In very simplistic terms, the answer is yes! Why? Well we point to the following reasons:

#1. Shows you don’t care

Part of being successful on internet dating sites is being able to prove to the person you want to date that you are on there to meet someone.  Being able to log into most sites for free is great on one hand as it allows people to try a site before they pay, but on the other it means there are a lot of profiles out there from people who just aren’t serious but thought they would try it one evening.

By not taking time over your profile and checking things like spelling and grammar, you are really showing someone that you don’t care.  That you aren’t worried about taking time over your profile. That you don’t want to take the time over your profile in order to find someone to date.

These are not positive signs! So make sure you don’t give someone that impression and take a few more hours over your profile.

#2. Shows you’re not careful

Some research we carried out also showed that bad spelling and grammar meant that someone would think you were not careful.  Is that a great think to be?  The answer is no. So again don’t lead someone into thinking that way about you and instead check your spelling and grammar.

#3. Makes you look uneducated

Another knock on effect is that it can lead someone to think you are uneducated.  Bad grammar is associated in 80% of cases with uneducated people.  So avoid that by checking it today!

Some people think this can’t be the case as you put in your highest education, but that only tells someone what level you stayed at school till (i.e., A-level, or degree), it doesn’t tell them what grade you got. Bad grammar and spelling will make them think it was a low grade and perhaps even make them think you are lying on your education level.

#4. If you know you are a bad speller, use charm and whit

In some cases there may be a legitimate case for why you are a bad speller, if for example you are dyslexic.  If this applies to you, then firstly be cheeky about it. We have seen someone put in their profile, the first line read “I’ll buy you a drink for every typo”.  Which is great, but then you must put in your profile at some point the reason why, as in this case as you are dyslexic.

Now one word of caution, is don’t lay it on thick. For example we once saw someone put.. “due to my disability, my profile sucks and that’s why I never get a date”.  This type of thing was all over their profile.  Don’t do it!  Just mention it once and move on.

Richard Branson for example is dyslexic and he mentions it in most of his books.  However, in most cases he only mentions it once and all of the time he mentions it as a positive, for example he says attributes his great memory due to him being dyslexic.

So how do you avoid bad spelling and grammar?

#1. Write the profile in a word processor first.

Write the profile in a word processor and once complete run a spelling and grammar check.

#2. Re-read the profile a couple of times.

Re-read your profile and look out for bad grammar and spelling.  A common mistake for example is the use of there, they’re and their!

#3. Get a friend to give it the once over

Why not ask a friend who is good with grammar and spelling to give it the once over.  They may well spot something you haven’t.

In order to get a good profile it does take some time, but in the long run the effort should outweigh the time spent!

As always good luck in your dating efforts.


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