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Do longer beds exist?

by richard 17. May 2015 19:07

Let’s face it as tall people we hate a few things when it comes to choosing a bed!

#1. A bar at the end - which stops you stretching out! And means you either have to either lay diagonally across the bed or curl up in order to survive the night!

#2. A wall at the end - Just the same problems as above

#3. A short bed - as the name suggests, short doesn’t work for us long folks!  A particular favourite are caravan beds which seem to be child size!

#4. Low beds - Ones that are like sleeping on the floor! As you find it difficult to get down there and even harder to get back up from there!

So the standard UK bed sizes are as follows:

#1. Single bed - 3’0’’ wide by 6’3’’ long

#2. Double bed - 4’6’’ wide by 6’3’’ long

#3. King bed - 5’0’’ wide by 6’0’’ long

#4. Super king - 6’0’’ wide by 6’6’’ long

So beds do get slightly longer the larger the bed, but as all our males on the site are 6’0’’ and over unless your head is right at the very top of the bed (but that’s almost impossible if your bed has a headboard and you sleep with a pillow) your feet will still hang out the end of even a super king.

So what’s the solution?  Well here at tallsingles.co.uk we love to help and we have found three sites which are perfect for our tall members:

#1. Longbeds - UK based company which as the name suggests sells long beds.  Beds on their site can be made up to 7’3’’

#2. Purelybeds - UK based company that has been featured on “60 minute makeover”. Sells beds up to 7’6’’ long.

#3. GetLaidBeds - UK based company, manufactures bed frames up to 7’6’’ in length, but the maximum mattress length is 7’0’’

Just remember of course if you go for a longer bed you will want to source longer mattress covers and longer duvets!

So that is our ultimate guide to avoiding cold feet on cold winter mornings!


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