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Avoid awkward silences: Questions to ask on the first date

by richard 20. May 2015 18:29

So you are one of those people who get nervous about going on a date and you’re frightened that at some point you will run out of things to talk about.  As we discussed in our post “Should you plan your first date?” It can be an idea to have a few thought provoking questions in your pocket just to make you feel that little bit safer.

It would be good to have questions that your date would love to talk about so that it gets the conversation flowing again.  So we suggest you read their dating profile and latest emails again, pick out anything they have discussed or talked about in detail, hobbies they may have mentioned and places they have been to when travelling.

During this process you are trying to build up a picture of their lifestyle, things that motivate them, things that they enjoy and things that interest them.  These should all be things that they will want to talk about.

So travel is top of the list, people love to talk about places they have been to and visited, especially if they love travelling.  So firstly have you been anywhere that they have also travelled to, then you could start talking about that and they are bound to feel compelled to join in.  If not have they been anywhere that you would love to travel to, if that’s the case you can ask them about it, discuss the culture, the way of life, good things to go and see, try to avoid the usual type questions if you can.  Then of course you could always mention places you would like to visit to see if they would too.  But if you go down that route then make sure you have done some research on that location so you can mention why you would want to visit and what you would like to do when your there.

Theatre I think is a brilliant conversation point.  That’s because there is a good chance you might have seen the same play, or failing that it’s easy to talk about a play, if you haven’t seen it you can ask about the storyline, the plot, the characters, the music even the set.  If you have seen it, you can ask what they thought about a particular moment in the play, did they see it as a good portrayal of the story, which character did they like the most?  Films also go into this category and again they are very easy to talk about.

Hobbies would be next on the list, do they play a particular sport or enjoy a certain hobby like painting or yoga?  Again bring some life into the conversation by asking how they got into it, what they enjoy, if they have won any awards or played for their county for example.  How often they play?  Do they enjoy being in a team?  Have they played for long? Etc.

Cooking and restaurants would be next on my list as I think everyone has an opinion on it even if they are not a good cook themselves.  Do they enjoy going to good restaurants?  Have they been to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant?  Do they cook themselves?  Would they class themselves as a good cook?  What’s there killer dish?  What the strangest thing they have eaten?

I think I would avoid conversations on work, unless you know they have a really interesting job that you know they would love to talk about.

Other Topics to avoid

This is our list of topics you definitely want to try and avoid on your first date!

Previous relationships




So there you go, that should avoid an awkward silence and fingers crossed you will be on to that second date in next to no time.


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