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5 warning signs that you are not doing things right when internet dating

by richard 27. September 2015 09:00

#1. Your profile has not been viewed

If your profile has not been viewed you are definitely doing something wrong!

In the first couple of weeks of becoming a member, people should be viewing your profile.  Why?  Well it’s the time when we will publish your profile to as many existing members as possible.  Existing members always want to be informed of new members as they are people they haven’t seen before and may want to message/view.  We even send out a regular email detailing all the new members who have joined. We would expect this to mean your profile should be viewed a few times in that first couple of weeks.

If you’re not getting views in those first couple of weeks take action immediately.  People will be deciding whether or not to view your profile based on your profile picture.  So read our guides on getting the right profile picture, change it to something that fits with our criteria and start looking for those views!

Also try winking/messaging a few people you like.  This should make them view your profile, in order to decide if they want to communicate back.

#2. You have not received a wink

A wink is really a way for someone to say “hey I’m here look at me”.  If you have not received a wink, again it’s likely that it will be due to either no profile picture or a poor profile picture.  So go to work on that today.

But we wouldn’t be overly worried if you don’t receive a wink as people tend to prefer sending a message these days rather than a wink.

#3. You have not received a message

People will usually send you a message after discovering you in a search or on one of our regular emails, deciding you look nice and then deciding they want to find a little more about you.

As in the above examples, your profile pictures are still very important.  But if you have received views but still no messages then you need to look again at your profile.

Read our top tips on writing your profile and review yours again.  Is it interesting?  Does it make someone want to send you a message?  Does it contain a piece of information that would enable someone to pull into a message?  Does it contain a question?  Is it offensive?

Ask yourself if I read this would I want to reply?

#4. You haven’t got a friend to review your profile

We would recommend that you ask a friend to review your profile.  This is just a way of getting a second opinion on the content, the language, the spelling and grammar.

They will probably point out things to you that you hadn’t realised when you were writing it and identify things that you have missed out which you should have included.

Not only that while they are there checking it, they can also take some great pictures for you profile.

#5. You haven’t logged on regularly

Most online dating sites list search results in order of last log in date or activity.  So to get to the top of the search results, which is where you are most likely to be noticed, you want to make sure you log in regularly, as simply logging in will count as activity.

If possible try to log on at least every other day, if that is not possible then at a minimum weekly!

So there we have it, make sure you are not making these mistakes and improve your online dating.


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