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5 little known factors that could affect your ability to find a date online

by richard 30. September 2015 09:00


#1. Compromise

I have said on here previously that online dating has revolutionised the way we now go about meeting single people, but how it has given everyone choice when dating.  For example, do you want to meet someone with brown eyes or blue eyes? Do they have to have brown or blonde hair?

This choice also means that people seem to think they can meet someone who is “their dream” date and has no flaws.  The reality I’m afraid is that nobody is perfect and if you think that you are affecting your chances of finding love online.

The number of times I have hear people say after a good day.  Well she was really nice, but she…. usually the but’s are minor but as everyone has this ideal in their head, they stop seeing them in search of that one, which they sadly may never find!

Ask any happy couple, are there things you would like to change about your husband/wife?  The usual answer is yes, but they accept that they are different and learn to live with it.  This is something you MUST do if you want to find love online.

#2. Commitment - in terms of replying and communicating

Online dating isn’t something you can do half hearted.  In order to be successful you need to commit to finding love online.  That means you need to:

#2.1. Search profiles, find people you would like to find out more about and message them!

#2.2. Reply to messages you receive on a timely basis

#2.3. Log in regularly to make sure you appear at the top of the search results.

#2.4. Work on your profile, make sure your photos are great and that your free text is well written and promotes a response.

#2.5. Arrange dates with people you chat with.

If you show commitment, it will come across to other people on the site.  If you were single you would much rather meet with someone who is committed to finding someone special over someone who is not.  So show commitment (I know that work freaks some of you single people out but it really is a must!)

#3. Confidence

Along the same lines as commitment, you need to show confidence… not to the point of arrogance but you certainly don’t want to come across like a wet Lettice. Remember you are an exciting, wonderful person to meet, so why not be confident about it.

Confidence needs to come across in your profile, your messages and on that first date. Nobody likes to be with someone who isn’t proud of themselves and confident that they are a great person to meet! 

#4. Honesty

The simple rule is be honest from day 1!  If you’re not honest from the start it’s difficult to be honest if things go well and the relationship flourishes.

When you talk to most people about why a relationship broke down, the most common response is that one of them lied about something.

#5. Joining the right dating site from the start

You must join the right dating site from the start.  Otherwise you are not giving yourself the best opportunity to find love online.

All dating sites offer a free trial membership.  We suggest you use this period to take a look around the site, run some searches to find people you might like to date and get to experience the dating community.  Why not join 2 or 3 sites for free so that you can then make an informed decision as to which you like best.

We hope that helps and we will be back soon.



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