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Should Women Wear High Heels on a Date?

by richard 30. January 2014 17:39

So the question is should a tall women add another two or three, possibly four inches by wearing high heels on a date?  Well, here are some points to consider:

High heels on a date?

How much shorter are you than your date?

The great thing about TallSingles.co.uk is that you can see the height of your date.  If he is only an inch or so taller than you, then there is a good chance that wearing heels will make you taller.  This could intimate him and make him self-conscious which might not be such a good thing, especially on a first date!  Perhaps it’s something that you should consider on a third or fourth.  Of course if you are taller than him without the heels, adding a pair of heels will make you taller still.  Should this be such a problem?  Well it will make the difference that much more noticeable so it could be an issue, however he is already aware that you are taller without heels.

Do you wear heels all the time?

If you are comfortable in heels i.e. you wear them to work every day or you are out most evenings in them, then you probably should wear heels as they are natural to you.  When you date someone you never want to change who you are and if heels make who you are then stick with them!

Do you want to look glamorous?

As stylist and fashionista Jay Manuel says “Everyone can look like a supermodel with a bootleg trouser and a high heel” (it does quite ring true if you say ‘ballet flat’ instead of ‘high heel’, does it?).  Heels make a women appear leaner and slimmer. They give you the best walk which just can’t be replicated in flats.  They give you better legs, slimmer ankles, accentuate the best of your figure and make your feet look smaller. Finally and most importantly they are glamorous and somehow that changes how you feel and behave.  When was the last time you read the words “fabulous flat pump”? Exactly.


In conclusion I think it comes down to how comfortable you are going to feel on a night out with or without heels on.  In the early stages you should probably air on the side of caution and so wear a small heel.  Then bring out the platforms on the fourth or fifth date!

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